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Time in the

Fourth Dimension

An interactive installation exploring what time in the fourth dimension might look and feel like. Viewers use their hands to control the flow of time, taking charge of exactly which moments of the cyclical animation they want to experience, and where they want to stop.

The installation asks viewers to consider how choosing the moments they want to live and relive influences their lives, as well as the immense power our minds have to determine our perspective and experience of reality.

3D Animation
Four Dimensional Time: An Interactive Experience
Karoline Winzer

Four Dimensional Time: An Interactive Experience

Projected animation combined with machine learning technology places viewers into the experience and allows them to magically alter time, as if they were in the fourth dimension.


This project can be expanded to include real-life footage and multiple projectors in space, giving the audience complete control over every moment they want to experience.

The gestures used to control the flow of time in this installation are based on a series of user tests and suggestions, isolating universal gestures to mean "right", "left", and "stop".

See the experience on your laptop here!