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I am an infinitely curious, multidisciplinary, human-centred interaction designer.

I build real things for real people.

My practice is about lights, music, connection, perception, interaction, and experiential magic.

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My Practice

My mission is to create technology driven, human centred, magical experiences for people to connect to. For me, every project is a performance from start to finish, something viewers can engage in and feel part of together.

This is a map of my practice, what I like, and what I do!

My work revolves around physically building and digitally creating with a human-centred approach, all surrounding the theme of belonging, connection, and unity. 

About Me

Hi! I'm Karoline. I'm a creative technologist with a combined background in graphic design and creative computing. My superpower? Building cohesive experiences that align tech, visuals, and participant journeys in exciting ways. My skillset ranges across physical computing, computer vision, Javascript, HTML/CSS, photoshop, illustrator and AI, and I'm always learning more.


I am infinitely curious, love to make people smile, and enjoy building interactions from start to finish with interdisciplinary teams. 

If I'm not dreaming up a crazy idea and trying to build it, you can find me enjoying art history jokes, climbing, or doing DIY. 

Let's build cool things together!

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