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SYNC: Illuminating


What do you do to practice the invisible? You illuminate it.

SYNC is a physical computing game that allows players to practice connection by giving the concept of empathy a visual.

Responsibilities for this project included conceptual development, coding, designing and building circuitry, designing and building the game itself, packaging, user testing, and promotional videos and graphics.

Game Design
Social Design

The game reads the heartbeats of two players and displays them in either blue or red. When the players are empathetic towards one another and their heartbeats sync, the lights turn purple and they will win the game.

A narrative voice gives instructions in the beginning of the experience and changes every time the game is played, so as to be as inclusive as possible.

SYNC: Illuminating Empathy
Karoline Winzer

SYNC: Illuminating Empathy

The game is based on a phenomenon called Interpersonal Synchronisation. This is a phenomenon in which people who are empathetic towards one another can sync their heartbeats when they are together.

The game's visual elements are based on the themes of cohesion, synchronicity, and the common visual element of hands.