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SPACES: Pop Up Show

A group-initiated project within my university, SPACES invited students on BA Graphic and Media Design to respond to a series of exhibitions we visited as a course. The catch? We had one week. 

Working with a team of 14 students, we designed the exhibition to encompass space in all its forms; outer space, gentrification, light in space, and others. 

Event Planning
Art Direction
Exhibition Design
Spaces Publication

Posters and Identity

Typography by Jake Richardson, bubbles by Rita Viegas y Costa Oom de Sousa.


As part of the team, I helped to organise and design the event, liaised with tutors for permissions, set up, took down, did the accounting work, and contributed a piece for the show. 



The team for this exhibition consisted of 14 incredible people: notable mention to Jake Richardson for organisation and typography, Rita Viegas for animation, and Patricia Nuñez for sound design.

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