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OpUS: Illuminating

Medical technology is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace thanks to recent developments in AI-guided surguries. But no matter the advances, the thought of artificial intelligence in your body makes many patients uneasy. 

 So how do you ease patient's fears and give them a voice in their treatment? 

OpUS: Illuminating Disease is an interactive game  which which combines scientific data, sound and interaction to show heart disease patients what AI-aided treatments really do. 

Working as the  interaction designer and coder  in an incredible team alongside Dr. Richard Colchester and artist Priya Odedra, the goal was to create a new angle for accessible medical communication and was  featured in the WEISS SURGE exhibition in 2021. 

Social Design
Interaction Designer
OpUs Gameplay Run-Through
Karoline Winzer - OpUS

OpUs Gameplay Run-Through

The OpUS game combines artistic interpretations with scientific data to create a medically accurate yet stylised, fun, and empowering experience.


To fully explain the AI-guided procedure, the game shows patients what doctors see and do inside the veins of the heart through the eyes of the AI probe.


The shift in sound frequencies as players near the walls of the artery reflect the actual visuals captured by the probe, and provide a level of interaction suitable for everyone, from children to experienced researchers.

Players can then remove blockages and insert stents in an abstract and creative way, countering the fear associated with surgery and allowing patients to actively understand and take part in their treatment.

See more about the show and process below!

Experience was coded in three.js, built upon work by CoDrops and Time Tunnel

Experience the game online here.

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