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Louis Vuitton 200th Birthday Celebration  | LUKE HALLS

Louis Vuitton asked 200 celebrated artists from all around the world to decorate and reimagine the classic malle for the 200th birthday celebration of their founder. The pieces were displayed in reels all over the world, on robots, trunks, and cubes in the Luis Vuitton storefronts.


For this project I worked with the team of designers, video producers, and artists at Luke Halls Studio to make the reels played on the models come to life. 

Responsibilities were animating some of the artworks submitted by the 200 artists and creating the transition sequences for the robots, trunks, and cubes displayed in the windows during the installation.

2D Animation
UV Mapping

Process video for the transitions displayed on the trunks, which I then redesigned to place on robot and cube models.

Transitions for Storefront Models
Karoline Winzer

Transitions for Storefront Models

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