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Jozé at La Noche

 combination physical computing and projection performance  for London-based singer, songwriter, and producer, Jozé.

Working as the  interaction designer and animator  in an team with Jozé and collaborator Michelle Leano, the performance was featured in a first-of-its-kind  Latino art, music and fashion event in London  organised by the University of the Arts London Latinx Collective.

3D Animation
Physical Computing
Jozé at La Noche Performance
Karoline Winzer

Jozé at La Noche Performance

First two images by @calacamx

Snapshots of the 10-minute animation. Jozé wrote his demo tape cycling through south London from Vauxhall to Elephant and Castle, and the animation takes the audience through that same map of London with audio-reactive buildings, lights, and rain. 

Highlighting this specific area also pays homage to the Latino population there, especially to the areas which are now being gentrified.


See the full animation here!