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Use Product Only For Its Unintended Purpose

This is a snapshot of my studio space. As a keen upcycler,  builder, and coffee enthusiast, I was looking for a way to build an ergonomic desktop at my eye level during quarantine.


The challenge? Use only what I had in the room, and use nothing for its intended purpose.

Spatial Design

The desktop and supporting wooden shelf are made out of a recycled shelf piece, coffee tins, and a car air freshener.


Small amounts of glue keep the lids and bottoms of the coffee jars in place, and the structure uses a three-pronged leg system to stay stable.

All items used in this project serve a different purpose than originally intended. Even the jars which currently hold batteries, business cards, erasers, and paper clips are all upcycled.


No studio desk is complete without tools of the trade: pencils, pens, scissors, and the like. For this part, I used upcycled Coca-Cola containers and a plastic coke bottle.

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