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Pick Up The Tap

The Pick Up the Tap campaign was a brief set by the global nonprofit WaterAid.


The objective of this project is to raise Gen Z's awareness of the people in developing areas who are picking up the tab for climate change caused in major cities in the form of a heavily exacerbated water crisis. 


To approach this problem, my team and I devised a two-part, hard-hitting awareness campaign: part one is a series of public art installations, and part two is a series of collectable water bottles to fundraise for the cause.

The public art installations take the form of water bottle shrines, mourning the loss of life caused by poor access to water and the worsening conditions of climate change. This part of the campaign takes 2D and 3D forms, with simple constructions and art encouraging public participation. All shrines placed into the public sphere also contained AR codes, which, when activated, told personal stories of people affected by the crisis.

The collectable water bottles would be launched as part of World Water Week, with one design per day showcasing a different affected region. With input from audience testing, animals from these areas were added as decals to the bottles, highlighting the consequences of climate change to nature.


This series of bottles are all packaged in receipts, highlighting everyday causes of this crisis and asking that the buyers "pick up the tap" for all those affected by the water crisis by buying the bottle and donating to Wateraid. To make it more personal, the same AR videos are also accessible via the receipt packaging. 


The campaign has a social media component to promote this campaign, making it a competition to collect all the bottles.

As team leader for this brief, I was also in charge of organising, analysing feedback, and motivating the team to move forward, some examples of which can be seen below.

Team Leader/Graphics/Animation: Karoline Winzer

Illustration/Research: Chang Chu

Identity: Julia W and Patricia Santos

Physical Shrines/Research: Frankie Beckley

Receipts Composition
ASIA bottle
Africa Bottle FINAL
Small Villange-09
Malawi Reciept-03
Colombia Reciept-04
Madagascar 3-10
Fiji Receipt-08
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