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Cheers, Mate!

Where do you put an awareness campaign for alcohol misuse? On alcohol packaging, of course. Cheers, Mate! is a cheeky yet sobering awareness campaign for alcohol misuse in Bournemouth, which reaches its target audience through limited edition beer packaging. 

Data Visualisation

The bottle caps all turn into pins when the beer is opened, with which people can show their solidarity to the movement.

The packaging around the beer opens into a fully-functional brochure about alcohol misuse. This includes statistics, data visualisation, and interactive QR links to relevant organisations.

Final Pamphlet Data Action Spread View
Full Brochure

I designed the Solidarity label to fit the existing Dorset Brewing Co. beer, including the Origins, Foolhardy, and Pokerface labels which have been included for context.


I further redesigned all back labels to include the mandatory nutrition facts, more prominent safety information, units, and the illustrative elements of the campaign for cohesion.

The digital part of this campaign engages a younger and broader audience through instagram and includes data animations, safe drinking tips, and videos promoting the cause.

The brochure was designed with collaboration from photographers Ogo, Elijah M. Henderson, Pexels, Pixabay, and the packaging with consultation from engineer Peter Winzer. As stated above, three of the four labels on the beer are from Dorset Brewing Company, and have been included for context.

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