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Alpha to Omega

Alpha to Omega

An interactive installation promoting tourism to Southwark Cathedral, London, while reflecting the values of the resident community.


The response was a light-based, typographic and experiential structure which portrays the core values of Southwark Cathedral and serves as a beacon, leading visitors to the Cathedral entrance.

Spatial Design
Alpha to Omega

This project was specifically tailored to the needs and feedback from the community, which is both one of the most progressive churches in London and has a legacy of worship since 1066 A.D.

Based on feedback, it was clear that the cathedral was a home and supported so many people through good and the bad times.


To this end, the installation incorporated that exact theme. when it is sunny, light floods through the surface of the structure and charges solar panels on the top. When it rains, LEDs powered by those solar panels light up the surrounding area.

From Alpha to Omega also draws on a famous biblical phrase to relay its message. 

This structure is designed to relay a message of welcome, inclusivity and diversity. To this end, the installation displays a message of diversity from the children's book All Are Welcome.


The sides of the structure are generative construction of the word "welcome". Each abstracted square was given a colour at random, taken from the Cathedral's stained glass windows.

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